§ 24:14A-1 Use on toys, furniture or accessible surfaces of dwelling; prohibition
§ 24:14A-2 Toys or furniture; sale or transfer for profit or knowingly transfer or exchange; prohibition
§ 24:14A-4 Definitions
§ 24:14A-5 Lead paint upon interior of building or exterior surface accessible to children; public nuisance
§ 24:14A-7 Order for remediation, disposition of lead-based paint hazard.
§ 24:14A-8 Notification to owner of hazard, contents.
§ 24:14A-9 Failure of owner to obey notice or order to abate; removal of nuisance; payment of expenses by owner; action to collect; lien
§ 24:14A-10 Nonenforcement by board; enforcement by department