A. The “state historic sites and monuments division” is created in the cultural affairs department. The division shall manage the state’s historic sites and monuments, including:

(1)     Coronado historic site; (2)     Jemez historic site;

(3)     Fort Selden historic site;

(4)     Bosque Redondo memorial and Fort Sumner historic site; (5)     Lincoln historic site;

(6)     El Camino Real historic trail site; (7)     Fort Stanton historic site;

(8)     Taylor Reynolds Barela Mesilla historic site; and

(9)     Los Luceros historic site.

B. The state’s historic sites shall operate under the imprimatur of the museum of New Mexico. The museum of New Mexico board of regents shall exercise trusteeship over state historic sites.

C. The director of the division shall meet the following minimum qualifications:

(1)     hold a bachelor’s or higher degree in a discipline related to the function of the division; and

(2)     have significant experience in the management and operation of an organization similar to the division.

D. The director shall be appointed by the secretary of cultural affairs from a list of no less than three names provided by the museum of New Mexico board of regents.