§ 25:341 A. The Louisiana State Museum is established as a complex of facilities in the cities of Baton Rouge, Natchitoches, New Orleans, Patterson, Thibodaux, and Winnfield under the managem
§ 25:342 A.(1) The board of directors shall meet once each quarter, unless additional meetings are called by the lieutenant governor, the secretary of the Department of Culture, Recreation an
§ 25:343 A. The museum director shall be appointed by the lieutenant governor from a list of three candidates nominated by a search committee appointed by the board. The lieutenant governor s
§ 25:344 Operating funds
§ 25:345 Donations and loans; disposition of abandoned loans
§ 25:346 Use of museum’s collections
§ 25:349 Commercial leases; New Orleans French Quarter
§ 25:350 Residential leases; New Orleans French Quarter; State Museum Board has title, custody, or possession
§ 25:351 Lease of Old United States Mint
§ 25:352 Museums of local interest
§ 25:353 Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame

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