For the purpose of the establishment of an irrigation district as provided by this act, a petition shall be filed with the board of county commissioners of the county which embraces the largest acreage of the proposed district; said petition shall state that it is the purpose of petitioners to organize an irrigation district, under the provisions of this act; said petition shall also contain a general description of the boundaries of such proposed district, the means proposed to supply water for the irrigation of the lands embraced therein, the name proposed for such district and shall select a committee of three of said petitioners to present such petition to the board of county commissioners as provided by law, praying that the said board define and establish the boundaries of said proposed district and submit the question of the final organization of the same to the vote of the qualified electors resident within said proposed district; said petition shall be signed by a majority of the resident freeholders within said proposed district, and who shall also be the owners in the aggregate of the majority of the whole number of acres belonging to the resident freeholders within the said proposed district. The said petition shall also be accompanied by a good and sufficient bond, to be approved by said board of county commissioners in double the amount of the probable cost of organizing such district, conditioned for the payment of all costs incurred in said proceedings in case said organization shall not be effected, but in case such organization is so effected, then said expenses incurred by the board of county commissioners shall be paid back to said county by said district. Such petition shall be published once each week for four successive weeks in some newspaper of general circulation printed and published in each county wherein shall be situate any lands proposed to be embraced in any such district, together with a notice signed by the committee of said petitioners designated in the petition for that purpose, giving the time and place of presentation of the same to the said board of county commissioners.