§ 3-60A-1 Short title
§ 3-60A-2 Findings and declarations of necessity
§ 3-60A-3 Legislative intent
§ 3-60A-4 Definitions
§ 3-60A-5 Redevelopment Law; short title
§ 3-60A-6 Use of private enterprise and public powers
§ 3-60A-7 Finding of necessity by local government
§ 3-60A-8 Designation of a metropolitan redevelopment area
§ 3-60A-9 Preparation of a metropolitan redevelopment plan
§ 3-60A-10 Powers of municipality
§ 3-60A-12 Disposal of property
§ 3-60A-13 Property exempt from taxes and from levy and sale by virtue of an execution
§ 3-60A-13.1 Payments in lieu of property taxes and assessments
§ 3-60A-14 Cooperation by public bodies
§ 3-60A-15 Exercise of powers in carrying out projects
§ 3-60A-16 Metropolitan redevelopment agency
§ 3-60A-17 Conflict of interest; misconduct
§ 3-60A-18 Other powers
§ 3-60A-19 Tax Increment Law; short title
§ 3-60A-20 Alternative method of financing
§ 3-60A-21 Tax increment procedures
§ 3-60A-22 Metropolitan redevelopment fund; creation; disbursement
§ 3-60A-23 Tax increment method approval
§ 3-60A-23.1 Tax increment bonds
§ 3-60A-24 Tax increment method; base value for distribution
§ 3-60A-26 Redevelopment Bonding Law; short title
§ 3-60A-27 Definitions
§ 3-60A-28 General powers
§ 3-60A-29 Revenue bonds; issuance
§ 3-60A-30 Bonds as legal investments
§ 3-60A-31 Revenue bonds; issuance; status
§ 3-60A-32 Revenue bonds; form and terms
§ 3-60A-33 Revenue bonds; bond security
§ 3-60A-34 Revenue bonds; terms of proceedings and instruments
§ 3-60A-35 Revenue bonds; investments and bank deposits
§ 3-60A-36 Revenue bonds; acquisition of project
§ 3-60A-37 Revenue bonds; limited obligation
§ 3-60A-38 Revenue bonds; rights upon default
§ 3-60A-39 Revenue bonds; determination of revenue
§ 3-60A-40 Revenue bonds; financing of project
§ 3-60A-41 Option to purchase
§ 3-60A-42 Revenue bonds; refunding
§ 3-60A-43 Revenue bonds; application of proceeds
§ 3-60A-44 No payment by municipality
§ 3-60A-45 No municipal operation
§ 3-60A-46 Limitation of actions
§ 3-60A-47 Sufficiency of code
§ 3-60A-48 Liberal interpretation