§ 73-21-1 [Declaration of purpose.]
§ 73-21-2 Short title
§ 73-21-3 Purpose of water and sanitation districts
§ 73-21-4 Definitions
§ 73-21-5 Organization of district
§ 73-21-6 Petition
§ 73-21-7 Bond of petitioners
§ 73-21-8 Notice of hearing on petition
§ 73-21-9 Hearing on petitions; election for organization and officers
§ 73-21-10 Filing decree
§ 73-21-11 [Board of directors; qualification; bond.]
§ 73-21-12 Organization of board; meetings; vacancies; election of officers[; removal of directors]
§ 73-21-13 Meetings
§ 73-21-14 Elections
§ 73-21-15 Board increase; appointed members
§ 73-21-15.1 Appointment of first board
§ 73-21-16 General powers
§ 73-21-17 Taxes
§ 73-21-18 Levy and collection of taxes
§ 73-21-19 Levies to cover defaults and deficiencies
§ 73-21-20 Officers levy and collect taxes
§ 73-21-21 Sale for delinquencies; purchase by district
§ 73-21-22 Sinking fund
§ 73-21-23 Inclusion [of additional property]
§ 73-21-24 Exclusion [from district]
§ 73-21-25 Liability of property included or excluded
§ 73-21-26 Bonds; interest; form
§ 73-21-27 Community Service District Act provisions apply
§ 73-21-28 Board resolution; indebtedness; election
§ 73-21-31 Effect of election; subsequent elections
§ 73-21-32 Correction of faulty notices
§ 73-21-33 Early hearings
§ 73-21-34 Liberal construction
§ 73-21-35 Character of act
§ 73-21-36 Acquisition, construction or improvement of systems;
§ 73-21-37 Interest; maturity; form; method of sale
§ 73-21-38 Revenue bond issuance
§ 73-21-39 Bonds collectible from operating revenues
§ 73-21-40 Rates; bondholders’ remedy and taxpayer elector
§ 73-21-41 Restricted use of bond funds
§ 73-21-42 Violations; penalties
§ 73-21-43 Validation; existing districts
§ 73-21-44 Sale of system; escrow of proceeds
§ 73-21-45 Refunding bonds
§ 73-21-46 Limitations upon issuance
§ 73-21-47 Proceeds of refunding bonds
§ 73-21-48 Refunding bonds; detail; form
§ 73-21-49 Combination of issues
§ 73-21-50 Tax levy for general obligation refunding bonds
§ 73-21-51 Applicability of other bond provisions
§ 73-21-52 Duties of local government division
§ 73-21-53 Use of bond proceeds restricted
§ 73-21-54 Board’s determination final
§ 73-21-55 Districts not subject to utility laws; option to submit to regulation

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