The secretary of state may, in his discretion, appoint and commission in any other state, territory or dependency, or in any foreign country, such number of commissioners of deeds as he may think proper, each of whom shall be a resident of or have his place of business in the city, county, municipality or other political subdivision from which chosen, and shall hold office for the term of four years, unless such appointment shall be sooner revoked by the secretary of state, who shall have power to revoke the same. A person applying for appointment as a commissioner of deeds shall state in his application the city, county, municipality or other political subdivision for which he desires to be appointed, and shall enclose with his application the sum of twenty-five dollars, which sum, if a commission shall be granted, shall be paid by the secretary of state into the state treasury, and if such commission shall not be granted, then the same shall be returned to the person making the application. Each commissioner, before performing any of the duties or exercising any of the powers of his office, shall take the constitutional oath of office, if appointed for a city or county within the United States, before a justice of the peace or some other magistrate in such city or county; and if for a territory or dependency, before a judge of a court of record in such territory or dependency; and if for a city, municipality or other political subdivision in a foreign country, before a person authorized by the laws of this state to administer an oath in such country, or before a clerk or judge of a court of record in such foreign country; and shall cause to be prepared an official seal on which shall be designated his name, the words, “commissioner of deeds for the state of New York,” and the name of the city or county, and the state, country, municipality or other political subdivision from which appointed, and shall file a clear impression of such seal, his written signature and his oath certified by the officer before whom it was taken, in the office of the department of state. The secretary of state upon receipt of such impression, signature and oath, shall forward to such commissioner instructions and forms, and a copy of the appropriate sections of this chapter.