The authority shall have power and is hereby authorized to issue negotiable bond anticipation notes in conformity with applicable provisions of the uniform commercial code and may renew the same from time to time but the maximum maturity of such notes, including renewals thereof, shall not exceed seven years from the date of issue of such original note. Such notes shall be payable from any moneys of the authority available therefor and not otherwise pledged or from the proceeds of sale of the bonds of the authority in anticipation of which they were issued. The notes may be issued for any corporate purpose of the authority. Whether or not the notes are of the form and character as to be negotiable instruments under article eight of the uniform commercial code, the notes shall be and are hereby made negotiable instruments within the meaning of and for all the purposes of article eight of the uniform commercial code, subject only to provisions of the notes for registration. The notes shall be issued in the same manner as the bonds and such notes and the resolution or resolutions authorizing the same may contain any provisions, conditions or limitations which the bonds or a bond resolution of the authority may contain. Such notes may be sold at public or private sale. The authority shall have power to make contracts for the future sale from time to time of the notes, pursuant to which the purchaser shall be committed to purchase the notes from time to time on terms and conditions stated in the contracts, and the authority shall have power to pay such consideration as it shall decree proper for such commitments. In case of default on its notes or violation of any obligations of the authority to the noteholders, the noteholders shall have all the remedies provided herein for bondholders. Such notes shall be as fully negotiable as the bonds of the authority.