1. Every judge, justice, superintendent or public welfare official or other person who is authorized by law to make appointments or commitments to any state charitable institution, in which the board, instruction, care or clothing is a charge against any county, town or city, shall make a written report to the clerk of the board of supervisors of the county, or of the county in which any town is situated, or to the city clerk of any city, which is liable for any such board, instruction, care or clothing, within ten days after such appointment or commitment, and shall therein state, when known, the nationality, age, sex and residence of each person so appointed or committed and the length of time of such appointment or commitment.


This and the two following sections shall apply to each of the asylums, reformatories, homes, retreats, penitentiaries, jails or other institutions, except public homes, in each of the counties of this state except the county of Kings, in which the board, instruction, care or clothing of persons committed thereto is, or shall be, a charge against any county or town therein.