89E-1 Short title
89E-2 Purpose
89E-3 Definitions
89E-4 North Carolina Board for Licensing of Geologists; appointments; terms; composition
89E-5 Functions and duties of the Licensing Board
89E-6 Exemptions
89E-7 Limitations
89E-8 Applications
89E-9 Minimum qualifications
89E-10 Examinations
89E-11 Comity
89E-12 Issuance, renewal and replacement of licenses
89E-13 Seals; requirements
89E-14 Records
89E-15 Roster of licensed geologists
89E-16 Code of professional conduct
89E-17 Complaints and investigations
89E-18 Prohibitions; unlawful acts
89E-19 Disciplinary procedures
89E-20 Hearing procedures
89E-21 Reissuance of license
89E-22 Misdemeanor
89E-23 Injunction
89E-24 Attorney General as legal advisor