A parent who does not meet the qualifications provided in section 15.1-23-03 may supervise home education but must be monitored in accordance with section 15.1-23-07 for the first two years. If a child receiving home education obtains a basic composite standardized achievement test score below the fiftieth percentile nationally, the parent must be monitored for at least one additional school year and until the child receives a test score at or above the fiftieth percentile. If testing is not required by section 15.1-23-07 during the first two years of monitoring, the period of monitoring may not be extended, except upon the mutual consent of the parent and the    monitor. If a parent completes the monitoring requirements of this section for one child, the parent may not be monitored with respect to other children for whom the parent supervises home education.

Terms Used In North Dakota Code 15.1-23-06