1.    The tax commissioner may issue a domestic distillery license to the owner or operator of a distillery that is located within this state which uses a majority of North Dakota farm products to manufacture and sell spirits produced on the premises. A domestic distillery license may be issued and renewed for an annual fee of one hundred dollars. This fee is in lieu of all other license fees required by this title. The tax commissioner may not issue the domestic distillery license until the applicant has established that the applicant has applied for and obtained the necessary federal registrations and permits, as required under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 [26 U.S.C. 5001 et seq.] and the federal Alcohol Administration Act [27 U.S.C. 203], for the operation of a distilled spirits plant.

Terms Used In North Dakota Code 5-01-19

2.    A domestic distillery may sell spirits produced by that distillery at on sale or off sale, in retail lots, and not for resale, and may sell or direct ship its spirits to persons inside or

outside the state in a manner consistent with the laws of the place of the sale or delivery in total quantities not in excess of twenty-five thousand gallons [94625 liters] in a calendar year. Direct sales within this state are limited to two and thirty-eight hundredths gallons [9 liters] or less per month per person for personal use and not for resale. The packaging must conform with the labeling requirements in section 5-01-16. A licensee may dispense free samples of the spirits offered for sale. Subject to local ordinance, sales at on sale and off sale may be made on Sundays between twelve noon and twelve midnight. A domestic distillery may hold events inside and outside its premises, but only on contiguous property under common ownership, allowing free samples of its spirits and to sell its spirits by the glass or in closed containers. The tax commissioner may issue special events permits for not more than twenty events per calendar year to a domestic distillery allowing the domestic distillery, subject to local ordinance, to give free samples of its product and to sell its product by the glass or in closed containers, at off-premises events. To participate in a pride of Dakota event sponsored by the department of agriculture, a domestic distillery shall obtain a special events permit from the tax commissioner. Participation by a domestic distillery in a pride of Dakota event sponsored by the department of agriculture does not count against the twenty special events limitation. A domestic distillery may not engage in any wholesaling activities. All sales and deliveries of spirits to any other retail licensed premises in this state may be made only through a licensed North Dakota liquor wholesaler. However, a domestic distillery may sell distilled spirits to a domestic winery if the distilled spirits were produced from products provided to the domestic distillery by the domestic winery. No later than the last business day of a calendar month, a farm distillery that has made sales to a North Dakota wholesaler during the preceding calendar month shall file a report with the tax commissioner reporting those sales.

3.    A domestic distillery may obtain a domestic distillery license and a retailer license allowing the onpremises sale of alcoholic beverages at a restaurant owned by the licensee and located on property contiguous to the domestic distillery. A domestic distillery also may own or operate a winery.

4.    A domestic distillery is subject to section 5-03-06 and shall report and pay annually to the tax commissioner the wholesaler taxes due on all spirits sold by the licensee at retail, including all spirits shipped directly to consumers as set forth in sections 5-03-07 and 57-39.6-02. The annual wholesaler tax reports are due January fifteenth of the year following the year sales were made. The report must provide the detail and be in a format as prescribed by the tax commissioner. The tax commissioner may require that the report be submitted in an electronic format approved by the tax commissioner.