(1) The Oregon Liquor Control Commission may revoke or suspend a service permit, or impose a civil penalty in lieu of or in addition to suspension as provided by ORS 471.322, if it finds or has reasonable grounds to believe any of the following to be true:

Terms Used In Oregon Statutes 471.385

(a) That the permittee has made false statements to the commission.

(b) That the permittee has been convicted of a felony, of violating any of the liquor laws of the state, general or local, or any misdemeanor or violation of any municipal ordinance committed on the licensed premises.

(c) That the permittee has performed or permitted any act which would constitute a violation of any provision of this chapter or any rule of the commission, if the act were performed or permitted by any licensee of the commission.

(2) The issuance, suspension or revocation of a permit under ORS 471.360 to 471.385 does not relieve a licensee from responsibility for any act of an employee on the licensee’s premises.

(3) When there has been a violation of this chapter or any rule adopted thereunder upon any premises licensed by the commission, the commission may revoke or suspend either the service permit of the employee who violated the law or rule or the license of the licensee upon whose premises the violation occurred, or both the permit and the license.

(4) Civil penalties under this section shall be imposed as provided in ORS 183.745. [1979 c.788 6,8; 1981 c.599 § 5; 1991 c.734 § 43; 1995 c.301 § 39; 1999 c.351 § 55; 2009 c.350 § 2; 2017 c.533 § 16]


[1979 c.788 § 7; repealed by 2017 c.533 § 18]