Juvenile Court
Juvenile Court Dependency Procedure
§ 419B.007 Policy
§ 419B.010 Duty of officials to report child abuse; exceptions; penalty
§ 419B.015 Report form and content; notice
§ 419B.016 Offense of false report of child abuse
§ 419B.017 Time limits for notification between law enforcement agencies and Department of Human Services; rules
§ 419B.020 Duty of department or law enforcement agency receiving report; investigation; notice to parents; physical examination; childs consent; notice at conclusion of investigation
§ 419B.021 Degree requirements for persons conducting investigation or making determination regarding child
§ 419B.022 Short title
§ 419B.023 Duties of person conducting investigation under ORS 419B.020
§ 419B.024 Critical Incident Response Team for child fatality; rules
§ 419B.025 Immunity of person making report in good faith
§ 419B.026 Required findings for investigation conducted under ORS 419B.020
§ 419B.028 Photographing child during investigation; photographs as records
§ 419B.030 Central registry of reports
§ 419B.035 Confidentiality of records; when available to others
§ 419B.040 Certain privileges not grounds for excluding evidence in court proceedings on child abuse
§ 419B.045 Investigation conducted on school premises; notification; role of school personnel
§ 419B.050 Authority of health care provider to disclose information; immunity from liability
§ 419B.055 Action by Attorney General for protective order on behalf of department employee; written request; eligible employees

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