Chapter 35-1 Fiscal Functions of Department of Administration
Chapter 35-1.1 Office of Management and Budget
Chapter 35-2 Fiscal Year
Chapter 35-3 State Budget
Chapter 35-4 State Funds
Chapter 35-5 Rotary Funds
Chapter 35-6 Accounts and Control
Chapter 35-7 Post Audit of Accounts
Chapter 35-7.1 The Office of Internal Audit
Chapter 35-8 Bonded Indebtedness of State
Chapter 35-8.1 Refunding Bond Authority
Chapter 35-9 Touro Funds
Chapter 35-10 State Investment Commission
Chapter 35-10.1 Collateralization of Public Deposits
Chapter 35-10.2 Rhode Island Local Government Investment Pool
Chapter 35-10.3 Divestiture of Investments in Iran
Chapter 35-11 Uniform Facsimile Signatures of Public Officials
Chapter 35-12 University of Rhode Island Research Corporation
Chapter 35-13 Registered Public Obligations
Chapter 35-14 Financial Integrity and Accountability
Chapter 35-15 Savings Bond Program
Chapter 35-16 Revenue Estimating Conferences
Chapter 35-17 Medical Assistance and Public Assistance Caseload Estimating Conferences
Chapter 35-18 Public Corporation Debt Management
Chapter 35-20 Public Corporation Financial Integrity and Accountability
Chapter 35-21 Receipt of Taxes, Fees, and Other Payments by Credit Card
Chapter 35-22 Private Activity Bond Approval Act