Chapter 37-1 Acceptance of Gifts
Chapter 37-2 State Purchases
Chapter 37-2.1 Domestic Steel
Chapter 37-2.2 Disability Business Enterprises
Chapter 37-2.3 Government Oversight and Fiscal Accountability Review Act
Chapter 37-2.4 Habilitation Procurement Program
Chapter 37-2.5 Prohibition on Contracting With Iran
Chapter 37-2.6 Anti-Discrimination in State Contracts
Chapter 37-3.2 Quonset Point Naval Air Station Property Lease
Chapter 37-4 Automotive Equipment
Chapter 37-5 Department of Transportation
Chapter 37-6 Acquisition of Land
Chapter 37-6.1 Relocation Payments
Chapter 37-6.2 Scenic Enhancement and Rest and Recreation Areas Along Federal Aid Highways
Chapter 37-7 Management and Disposal of Property
Chapter 37-7.1 Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation — Sale of Property
Chapter 37-8 Public Buildings
Chapter 37-9 State Auditorium
Chapter 37-10 Eastern States’ Exposition Building
Chapter 37-11 Insurance of State Property
Chapter 37-12 Contractors’ Bonds
Chapter 37-12.1 Substitution of Security for Retained Earnings of Architects and Engineers
Chapter 37-13 Labor and Payment of Debts by Contractors
Chapter 37-13.1 Actions Against the State on Highway and Public Works Contracts
Chapter 37-14.1 Minority Business Enterprise
Chapter 37-14.2 The Micro Businesses Act
Chapter 37-14.3 Veteran-Owned Business Enterprises
Chapter 37-15 Litter Control and Recycling
Chapter 37-15.1 Hard-to-Dispose Material — Control and Recycling
Chapter 37-16 Public Works Arbitration
Chapter 37-18 Narragansett Indian Land Management Corporation
Chapter 37-20 Big River Reservoir Moratorium
Chapter 37-21 Minority Business Development Compliance Act
Chapter 37-23 Safety Awareness Programs
Chapter 37-24 The Green Buildings Act