If the board is satisfied that the registered environmental sanitarian is guilty of any offense charged in the formal accusation provided for in this chapter, it must revoke, suspend, reprimand, or otherwise take any other reasonable action short of revocation or suspension, such as requiring the sanitarian to undertake additional professional training subject to the direction and supervision of the board. The board may also impose such restraint upon the sanitarian as circumstances warrant until the sanitarian demonstrates to the board adequate professional competence. In all cases where disciplinary action is taken by the board, written notice of the action must then be mailed by the secretary of the board to the accused at his last known address as provided to the board.

Any final order of the board finding that a registered environmental sanitarian is guilty of any offense charged in a formal accusation shall become public knowledge except for a final order dismissing the accusation or determining that a private reprimand is in order. All final orders which are made public must be mailed to local and state associations, and all registered environmental sanitarians with which the respondent is associated, states where the registered environmental sanitarian has a certificate as known to the board, and to any other source that the board wishes to furnish this information.

Terms Used In South Carolina Code 40-61-110

  • Board: means the South Carolina State Board of Examiners for Registered Environmental Sanitarians. See South Carolina Code 40-61-10
  • Environmental sanitarian: means a person trained and qualified to carry out educational, inspectional, and supervisory duties in environmental health and control programs and who is registered. See South Carolina Code 40-61-10

Any decision by the board to revoke, suspend, or otherwise restrict the certificate must be by majority vote and is subject to review by an administrative law judge as provided under Article 5 of Chapter 23 of Title 1 upon petition filed by the sanitarian with an administrative law judge and a copy served upon the secretary of the board within thirty days from the date of delivery of the board’s decision to the sanitarian. The review is limited to the record established by the board’s hearing.