Chapter 1 Professions and Occupations
Chapter 2 Accountants
Chapter 3 Architects
Chapter 5 Attorneys-At-Law
Chapter 6 Auctioneers
Chapter 7 Barbers and Barbering
Chapter 8 South Carolina Perpetual Care Cemetery Act
Chapter 9 Chiropractors and Chiropractic
Chapter 10 Fire Protection Sprinkler Systems Act
Chapter 11 Contractors
Chapter 13 Cosmetology and Cosmetologists
Chapter 15 Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Dental Technicians
Chapter 18 Private Security and Investigation Agencies
Chapter 19 Embalmers and Funeral Directors
Chapter 20 South Carolina Dietetics Licensure Act
Chapter 22 Engineers and Surveyors
Chapter 23 Environmental Certification Board
Chapter 24 Eye Care Consumer Protection
Chapter 25 Practice of Specializing in Hearing Aids Act
Chapter 26 Commercial Inspectors
Chapter 27 Junk Dealers
Chapter 28 Landscape Architects
Chapter 29 Uniform Standards Code for Manufactured Housing
Chapter 30 Massage/Bodywork Practice Act
Chapter 31 Naturopathy
Chapter 33 Nurses
Chapter 35 Long Term Health Care Administrators
Chapter 36 Occupational Therapists
Chapter 37 Optometrists
Chapter 38 Opticians
Chapter 39 Pawnbrokers
Chapter 41 Peddlers and Hawkers, Horse Traders, and Fortunetellers
Chapter 43 South Carolina Pharmacy Practice Act
Chapter 45 Physical Therapists
Chapter 47 Physicians and Miscellaneous Health Care Professionals
Chapter 49 Plumbers and Plumbing
Chapter 51 Podiatrists and Podiatry
Chapter 53 Polygraph Examiners Act
Chapter 54 Dealers in Precious Metals
Chapter 55 Psychologists
Chapter 56 State Board of Pyrotechnic Safety
Chapter 57 Real Estate Brokers, Salesmen, and Property Managers
Chapter 58 Licensing of Mortgage Brokers Act
Chapter 59 Residential Home Builders
Chapter 60 South Carolina Real Estate Appraiser License and Certification Act
Chapter 61 Sanitarians
Chapter 63 Social Workers
Chapter 65 Soil Classifiers
Chapter 67 Speech Pathologists and Audiologists
Chapter 68 Regulation of Professional Employer Organizations
Chapter 69 Veterinarians
Chapter 71 Liability of Members of Professional Committees
Chapter 75 Professional Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Licensed Psycho-Educational Specialists
Chapter 77 Geologist
Chapter 79 South Carolina Alarm System Business Act
Chapter 80 South Carolina Firefighters Employment and Registration Act
Chapter 81 State Athletic Commission
Chapter 82 Liquid Petroleum Gas
Chapter 83 Registration of Immigration Assistance Services Act