Unless a patient has been adjudicated incompetent, no patient may be denied the right to:

(1) dispose of property, real and personal;

Terms Used In South Carolina Code 44-22-80

  • Department: means the State Department of Mental Health. See South Carolina Code 40-5-10
  • Patient: means an individual undergoing treatment in the department; however, the term does not include a person committed to the department pursuant to Chapter 48 of Title 44. See South Carolina Code 40-5-10

(2) execute instruments;

(3) make purchases;

(4) enter into contractual relationships;

(5) hold a driver’s license;

(6) marry or divorce;

(7) be a qualified elector if otherwise qualified. The county board of voter registration in counties with department facilities reasonably shall assist patients who express a desire to vote to:

(a) obtain voter registration forms, applications for absentee ballots, and absentee ballots;

(b) comply with other requirements which are prerequisite for voting;

(c) vote by absentee ballot if necessary.