§ 44-22-10 Definitions
§ 44-22-20 Right to writ of habeas corpus
§ 44-22-30 Right to counsel for involuntarily committed persons suffering from mental illness or chemical dependency
§ 44-22-40 Consent to electro-convulsive therapy or major medical treatment; determination of ability to give consent; who may give consent
§ 44-22-50 Treatment suited to needs; least restrictive care and treatment
§ 44-22-60 Explanation of rights with regard to admission to facility; individualized treatment plan
§ 44-22-70 Assessment of patient; establishment and review of individualized treatment plan; discharge plan; notice of discharge
§ 44-22-80 Patients’ rights
§ 44-22-90 Communications with mental health professionals privileged; exceptions
§ 44-22-100 Confidentiality of records; exceptions; violations and penalties
§ 44-22-110 Access to medical records; appeal of denial of access
§ 44-22-120 Patients’ rights; communication with outside; visitors; personal belongings and effects; clothing; religious practice; limits on rights made part of record and valid no more than 30 days
§ 44-22-130 Physical examination of involuntarily committed patient to rule out physical condition mimicking mental illness
§ 44-22-140 Authorization of, and responsibility for, treatment and medication; guidelines for medication; rights with respect to refusal of treatment
§ 44-22-150 Restraint; seclusion; physical coercion
§ 44-22-160 Employment within facility; compensation; right to refuse nontherapeutic employment
§ 44-22-170 Education of school-aged residents
§ 44-22-180 Exercise and exercise facilities; right to go outdoors
§ 44-22-190 Finding employment for mentally disabled citizens
§ 44-22-200 Move of patient to less restrictive setting; court approval required for move to more restrictive setting
§ 44-22-210 Temporary leaves of absence
§ 44-22-220 Grievances concerning patient rights; penalties for denial of patient rights