Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 3 South Carolina Law Enforcement Division
Chapter 4 Criminal Justice Committee and Programs
Chapter 6 Department of Public Safety
Chapter 7 State Constables
Chapter 9 State Fire Marshal
Chapter 10 South Carolina Fire Academy
Chapter 11 Sheriffs–Election, Qualifications and Vacancies in Office
Chapter 13 Deputy Sheriffs Generally
Chapter 15 General Powers and Duties of Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs
Chapter 17 Liabilities of Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs
Chapter 19 Sheriffs’ Fees and Accounting With Successor
Chapter 20 Law Enforcement Assistance and Support Act
Chapter 21 Police Commissioners in Cities of 20,000 to 50,000
Chapter 23 Law Enforcement Training Council and Criminal Justice Academy
Chapter 24 Off-Duty Private Jobs of Law Enforcement Officers
Chapter 25 Law Enforcement Officers Hall of Fame
Chapter 27 Police Districts in Unincorporated Communities
Chapter 28 Reserve Police Officers
Chapter 31 Firearms
Chapter 33 Missiles
Chapter 35 Fireworks and Explosives
Chapter 36 Explosives Control Act
Chapter 37 Safety Glazing Materials
Chapter 39 Hazardous Substances Act
Chapter 41 Arson Reporting-Immunity Act
Chapter 43 Modular Buildings Construction Act
Chapter 47 Public Safety Communications Center
Chapter 49 Firefighter Mobilization
Chapter 50 South Carolina Crimestoppers Act
Chapter 51 Reduced Cigarette Ignition Propensity Standards and Firefighter Protection Act