§ 44-32-10 Definitions
§ 44-32-20 Sterilization, sanitation, and safety standards; certificate of completion of blood-borne pathogens and body piercing infection control course; permits
§ 44-32-30 Infection control precautions
§ 44-32-40 Registration and permits; fees; additional charges
§ 44-32-50 Body piercing technician requirements
§ 44-32-60 Inspections; blood donor disqualification notice; verification of recipient’s age; right of action
§ 44-32-70 Regulations; business license or permit
§ 44-32-80 Revocation, suspension, or refusal to renew permit; probation
§ 44-32-100 Time for compliance
§ 44-32-110 Physician or surgeon activities exempted
§ 44-32-120 Minors or persons impaired by drugs, alcohol, or otherwise incapable of consenting; unhealthy skin surfaces; penalty

Terms Used In South Carolina Code > Title 44 > Chapter 32

  • board: as used in this chapter shall mean the South Carolina State Board of Dentistry unless otherwise specified. See South Carolina Code 40-15-10
  • Body piercing: means the creation of an opening in the body of a human being so as to create a permanent hole for the purpose of inserting jewelry or other decoration. See South Carolina Code 40-15-265
  • Body piercing facility: means any room, space, location, area, structure, or business, or any part of any of these places, where body piercing is practiced or where the business of body piercing is conducted. See South Carolina Code 40-15-265
  • Body piercing technician: means a person who practices body piercing and who meets the requirements of this chapter. See South Carolina Code 40-15-265
  • Commission: means the group of individuals charged by law with the responsibility of licensing or otherwise regulating an occupation or profession within the State. See South Carolina Code 40-1-20
  • dental technological work: as used in this chapter is hereby defined as the extra-oral procedures of constructing, making, altering or repairing, relining or duplicating of dental prosthetic or orthodontic appliances. See South Carolina Code 40-15-90
  • Department: means the Department of Health and Environmental Control. See South Carolina Code 40-15-265