§ 44-63-10 Duties of Department of Health and Environmental Control
§ 44-63-20 Establishment of bureau of vital statistics; system for registration of births and deaths
§ 44-63-30 State registrar of vital statistics
§ 44-63-40 County registrars, deputy registrars, and subregistrars
§ 44-63-55 Certificate of birth resulting in stillbirth
§ 44-63-60 Certificates to be furnished by state registrar
§ 44-63-70 State registrar shall prescribe forms and furnish copies to county registrars and appropriate agencies
§ 44-63-72 Death certificates filed by licensed embalmers and funeral directors; contents
§ 44-63-74 Electronic filing and transmission of death certificates; penalties; electronic signatures
§ 44-63-75 Social security or alien identification numbers on birth, death, divorce, and marriage application records
§ 44-63-80 Certified copies of birth certificates; to whom issued; “South Carolina Family Respect” pamphlet to be included with certified copies
§ 44-63-82 Matching of birth and death certificates
§ 44-63-84 Persons to whom death certificate may be issued
§ 44-63-86 Persons to whom marriage certificates and reports of divorce may be issued
§ 44-63-90 Issuance of certificate where birth has not been registered
§ 44-63-100 Registering birth by way of petition for Delayed Certificate of Birth Established by Court Order
§ 44-63-110 Fees
§ 44-63-120 Disposition of fees received by state registrar
§ 44-63-140 Supplementary or amended birth certificates for adopted children or adults
§ 44-63-150 Correction of mistakes in birth or death certificates
§ 44-63-160 Amendment of birth record of legitimized child
§ 44-63-161 Unlawful acts; penalties
§ 44-63-163 Birth certificate to be prepared after father is determined in paternity proceeding
§ 44-63-165 Birth certificate of illegitimate child to be prepared when father acknowledges paternity
§ 44-63-180 Persons who may register statistical record of birth