Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 2 Forest Management Protection Act
Chapter 3 Department of Natural Resources
Chapter 4 South Carolina Solar Habitat Act
Chapter 5 Marine Resources Act
Chapter 9 Hunting and Fishing Licenses
Chapter 11 Protection of Game
Chapter 12 Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact
Chapter 13 Protection of Fish
Chapter 15 Nongame and Endangered Species
Chapter 16 Importation of Wildlife
Chapter 18 Aquaculture
Chapter 19 Special Hunting and Fishing Provisions for Certain Counties and Areas
Chapter 20 Interstate Boating Violation Compact
Chapter 21 Equipment and Operation of Watercraft
Chapter 23 Watercraft and Outboard Motors
Chapter 25 Boating and Surfing At Particular Localities
Chapter 26 All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Act