Terms Used In South Dakota Codified Laws 26-8D-2

The Department of Corrections shall develop a fiscal incentive program to incentivize county use of diversion opportunities. Beginning on September 1, 2016, any application for funding from the fiscal incentive program shall be submitted to the Department of Corrections before September first each year by a county. The fiscal incentive program includes the following requirements:
             (1)      An application shall include data on the number of children annually referred by the county to a diversion program, as well as the number of referred children that successfully completed a diversion program. In addition, each application shall provide specific data about the children the county referred to diversion, including the type of program or type of diversion referred to, the name and location of each diversion provider, and whether the child completed a diversion program;
             (2)      The allotment of funds shall be based on the number of children referred by each county that complete a court-approved diversion program at a rate of two hundred fifty dollars per child. That amount shall be prorated if the number of children completing a diversion program statewide results in an amount that exceeds the allotted funds;
             (3)      No county may receive any state funds provided by this section until its application has been received; and
             (4)      Payments to counties shall be transferred on or about November first each year.
     The Department of Corrections shall report data collected from participating counties semiannually to the oversight council.