Terms Used In South Dakota Codified Laws 40-17-9.1

For the purpose of implementing this chapter, the Animal Industry Board may adopt reasonable rules:
             (1)      Establishing the application requirements for a rendering or pet food processing plant license;
             (2)      Establishing requirements for the transportation, processing, and disposal of carcasses;
             (3)      Establishing and assuring licensee compliance with operating and sanitation standards for all plant facilities, including vehicles used for the transportation of carcasses;
             (4)      Establishing plant management and record keeping requirements;
             (5)      Establishing the procedure to be followed when the State Animal Industry Board refuses to issue or revokes a license and the procedure for appealing a board decision; and
             (6)      Governing reciprocal agreements between this state and other states regarding the licensing and operation of rendering and pet food processing plants.
     The rules shall be promulgated in accordance with chapter 1-26.