§ 22-7-7 One or two prior felony convictions–Sentence increased–Limitation–Felony determination
§ 22-7-8 Three or more additional felony convictions including one or more crimes of violence–Enhancement of sentence
§ 22-7-8.1 Three or more additional felony convictions not including a crime of violence–Enhancement of sentence–Limitation–Parole
§ 22-7-9 Criteria for consideration of prior convictions
§ 22-7-10 Duty of law enforcement personnel to report knowledge of prior convictions
§ 22-7-11 Habitual criminal information–Filing–Contents–Proof
§ 22-7-12 Defendant to receive copy of information–Contents kept from jury until conviction–Right to jury trial

Terms Used In South Dakota Codified Laws > Title 22 > Chapter 7

  • Allegation: something that someone says happened.
  • Arraignment: A proceeding in which an individual who is accused of committing a crime is brought into court, told of the charges, and asked to plead guilty or not guilty.
  • Consideration: any type of property or thing of legal value, whether delivered in the past, present or to be delivered in the future. See South Dakota Codified Laws 22-1-2
  • Conviction: A judgement of guilt against a criminal defendant.
  • Crime of violence: any of the following crimes or an attempt to commit, or a conspiracy to commit, or a solicitation to commit any of the following crimes: murder, manslaughter, rape, aggravated assault, riot, robbery, burglary in the first degree, arson, kidnapping, felony sexual contact as defined in § . See South Dakota Codified Laws 22-1-2
  • Defendant: In a civil suit, the person complained against; in a criminal case, the person accused of the crime.
  • Evidence: Information presented in testimony or in documents that is used to persuade the fact finder (judge or jury) to decide the case for one side or the other.
  • Felony: A crime carrying a penalty of more than a year in prison.
  • Law enforcement officer: any officer, prosecutor, or employee of the state or any of its political subdivisions or of the United States, or, while on duty, an agent or employee of a railroad or express company or security personnel of an airline or airport, who is responsible for the prevention, detection, or prosecution of crimes, for the enforcement of the criminal or highway traffic laws of the state, or for the supervision of confined persons or those persons on supervised release or probation. See South Dakota Codified Laws 22-1-2
  • Offense: or "public offense" any crime, petty offense, violation of a city or county ordinance, or act prohibited by state or federal law. See South Dakota Codified Laws 22-1-2
  • Person: any natural person, unborn child, association, limited liability company, corporation, firm, organization, partnership, or society. See South Dakota Codified Laws 22-1-2
  • Plea: In a criminal case, the defendant's statement pleading "guilty" or "not guilty" in answer to the charges, a declaration made in open court.
  • Probation: A sentencing alternative to imprisonment in which the court releases convicted defendants under supervision as long as certain conditions are observed.
  • Receive: to acquire possession, control or title, or to lend or borrow on the security of the property. See South Dakota Codified Laws 22-1-2
  • Seal: includes an impression of the seal upon the paper alone, as well as upon wax or a wafer affixed to the paper, and also the word "seal" written or printed on such paper. See South Dakota Codified Laws 2-14-2
  • State: the State of South Dakota. See South Dakota Codified Laws 2-14-2
  • Trial: A hearing that takes place when the defendant pleads "not guilty" and witnesses are required to come to court to give evidence.