1. Upon the filing of a suit for partition of property, real or personal, the parties shall submit the names of three (3) commissioners selected and agreed upon by the parties. If the parties are unable to agree, the judge shall appoint three (3) commissioners, known by the court or shown to the court to be of good personal character and integrity and knowledgeable in the type of property to be partitioned.
  2. If the lands lie in different counties, the court may appoint separate sets of commissioners for each county, or one (1) set for all the lands, as may seem best for the interest of the parties.

Terms Used In Tennessee Code 29-27-114

  • Code: includes the Tennessee Code and all amendments and revisions to the code and all additions and supplements to the code. See Tennessee Code 1-3-105
  • Lands: includes lands, tenements and hereditaments, and all rights thereto and interests therein, equitable as well as legal. See Tennessee Code 1-3-105
  • Property: includes both personal and real property. See Tennessee Code 1-3-105

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