• (a) The general assembly finds and declares that the costs incurred in connection with reasonable and safe cleanup with respect to petroleum sites within the state, as provided in title 68, chapter 215, part 1, are extensive and threaten the state’s ability to meet its obligations with respect to the environment.

  • Terms Used In Tennessee Code 4-31-902

    • Authority: means the Tennessee local development authority, a public agency and instrumentality of the state, created by this chapter, or if such authority shall be abolished, the board, body, commission or agency succeeding to the principal functions thereof or to which the powers and duties granted or imposed upon the authority shall be given by law. See Tennessee Code 4-31-102
    • State: means the state of Tennessee. See Tennessee Code 4-31-102

    (b) It is accordingly in furtherance of the interests and welfare of all Tennesseans that the Tennessee local development authority, referred to in this part as the “authority,” be empowered to issue revenue bonds and notes and to make the proceeds available to the petroleum underground storage tank board for purposes of providing for the reimbursement of reasonable and safe cleanup of petroleum sites.

  • (c) It is intended that the authority be vested with all powers necessary to accomplish these purposes.