As used in this chapter:

(1) “Commissioner” means the commissioner of labor and workforce development;

Terms Used In Tennessee Code 50-10-102

(2) “Employer” means a person employing fifteen (15) or more employees;
(3) “Reasonable accommodation” may include:

(A) Making existing facilities used by employees readily accessible and usable;
(B) Providing more frequent, longer, or flexible breaks;
(C) Providing a private place, other than a bathroom stall, for the purpose of expressing milk;
(D) Modifying food or drink policy;
(E) Providing modified seating or allowing the employee to sit more frequently if the job requires standing;
(F) Providing assistance with manual labor and limits on lifting;
(G) Authorizing a temporary transfer to a vacant position;
(H) Providing job restructuring or light duty, if available;
(I) Acquiring or modifying of equipment, devices, or an employee’s work station;
(J) Modifying work schedules; and
(K) Allowing flexible scheduling for prenatal visits; and
(4) “Undue hardship” means an action requiring significant difficulty or expense.