Part 1 General Provisions
Part 2 Registration of Cattle Brands
Part 3 Registration of Stallions
Part 4 Certification of Livestock

Terms Used In Tennessee Code > Title 44 > Chapter 7

  • Agriculture: means :

    (i) The land, buildings and machinery used in the commercial production of farm products and nursery stock. See Tennessee Code 1-3-105

  • Brand: means any recorded identification mark applied to any position on the hide of a live animal by means of heat, acid or chemical, except tattoo marks in the ear or numbers used to keep production records or record of age. See
  • Code: includes the Tennessee Code and all amendments and revisions to the code and all additions and supplements to the code. See Tennessee Code 1-3-105
  • Commissioner: means the commissioner of agriculture. See
  • Department: means the department of agriculture. See
  • Livestock market: means a place where a person assembles livestock for public sale if the person is required to procure a license or permit from the department to operate such market. See
  • Oath: includes affirmation. See Tennessee Code 1-3-105
  • Person: means any individual, partnership, corporation or association. See
  • Person: includes a corporation, firm, company or association. See Tennessee Code 1-3-105
  • Record: means information that is inscribed on a tangible medium or that is stored in an electronic or other medium and is retrievable in a perceivable form. See Tennessee Code 1-3-105
  • signed: includes a mark, the name being written near the mark and witnessed, or any other symbol or methodology executed or adopted by a party with intention to authenticate a writing or record, regardless of being witnessed. See Tennessee Code 1-3-105
  • State: when applied to the different parts of the United States, includes the District of Columbia and the several territories of the United States. See Tennessee Code 1-3-105