§ 68-4-101 Notice of death occurring while receiving medical attention or in institution — Action taken upon expiration of eight hours — Penalty
§ 68-4-102 Disposition of unclaimed bodies of persons dying in charitable or penal institutions or to be buried at public expense
§ 68-4-103 Persons dying in publicly-supported institutions or to be buried at public expense — Notice to relatives — Notice to chief medical examiner — Removal of body — Embalming — Infectious or contagious cases
§ 68-4-104 Distribution of bodies among medical, dental and anthropologic institutions — Receiving institution to pay expense
§ 68-4-105 Bodies to be used only for promotion of science — Surrender to relative upon demand
§ 68-4-107 Penalty for violations of §§ 68-4-102 — 68-4-109
§ 68-4-108 Expenses to be borne by medical, dental and anthropologic institutions
§ 68-4-109 Immunity from civil suit
§ 68-4-110 Regulations governing disinterment
§ 68-4-111 Autopsy by consent of persons having custody of body
§ 68-4-112 Rigid containers not mandatory for remains of certain children

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