Terms Used In Texas Agriculture Code 47.055

The program shall promote and advertise the Texas wild-caught shrimping industry by:
(1) developing and maintaining a database of Texas shrimp wholesalers that sell Texas-produced shrimp;
(2) operating a toll-free telephone number to:
(A) receive inquiries from persons who wish to purchase a particular type of Texas-produced shrimp; and
(B) make information about the Texas wild-caught shrimping industry available to the public;
(3) developing a wild-caught shrimping industry marketing plan to increase the consumption of Texas-produced shrimp;
(4) educating the public about Texas-produced shrimp by providing publicity about the information in the program’s database to the public and making the information available to the public through the department‘s toll-free telephone number and electronically through the Internet;
(5) promoting the Texas wild-caught shrimping industry; and
(6) promoting and marketing, and educating consumers about, Texas-produced shrimp using any other method the commissioner determines appropriate.