In implementing this subchapter, the commission shall consider this state’s policy goals to:
(1) ensure the availability of the widest possible range of competitive choices in the provision of telecommunications services and facilities;
(2) foster competition and rely on market forces where competition exists to determine the price, terms, and availability of service;
(3) ensure the universal availability of basic local telecommunications services at reasonable rates;
(4) encourage the continued development and deployment of advanced and reliable capabilities and services in telecommunications networks;
(5) ensure interconnection and interoperability, based on uniform technical standards, among telecommunications carriers;
(6) eliminate unnecessary administrative procedures that impose regulatory barriers to competition and ensure that competitive entry is fostered on an economically rational basis;
(7) ensure consumer protection and protection against anticompetitive conduct;
(8) regulate a provider of services only to the extent the provider has market power to control the price of services to customers;
(9) encourage cost-based pricing of telecommunications services so that consumers pay a fair price for services they use; and
(10) subject to Subchapter C, develop appropriate quality of service standards for local exchange companies so as to place this state among the leaders in deployment of an advanced telecommunications infrastructure.