Chapter 1 General Provisions 63C-1-101 – 63C-1-102
Chapter 4a Constitutional and Federalism Defense Act 63C-4a-101 – 63C-4a-405
Chapter 6 Utah Seismic Safety Commission 63C-6-101 – 63C-6-104
Chapter 9 State Capitol Preservation Board 63C-9-101 – 63C-9-602
Chapter 10 Statewide Rural Boards and Committees 63C-10-101 – 63C-10-103 v2
Chapter 12 Snake Valley Aquifer Advisory Council 63C-12-101 – 63C-12-108
Chapter 17 Point of the Mountain Development Commission Act 63C-17-101 – 63C-17-107
Chapter 18 Behavioral Health Crisis Response Commission 63C-18-101 – 63C-18-203
Chapter 19 Higher Education Strategic Planning Commission 63C-19-101 – 63C-19-202
Chapter 20 Utah Population Committee 63C-20-101 – 63C-20-105
Chapter 21 Outdoor Adventure Commission 63C-21-101 – 63C-21-203
Chapter 22 Digital Wellness, Citizenship, and Safe Technology Commission 63C-22-101 – 63C-22-202