§ 2301 Applicability of chapter
§ 2302 Unlawful firearms; agency
§ 2303 Delivery to commissioner of public safety
§ 2305 Disposition of unlawful firearms
§ 2306 Rights of innocent owner
§ 2307 Firearms relinquished pursuant to relief from abuse order; storage; fees; return

Terms Used In Vermont Statutes > Title 20 > Chapter 145

  • Fees: shall mean earnings due for official services, aside from salaries or per diem compensation. See
  • Municipality: shall include a city, town, town school district, incorporated school or fire district or incorporated village, and all other governmental incorporated units. See
  • Person: shall include any natural person, corporation, municipality, the State of Vermont or any department, agency, or subdivision of the State, and any partnership, unincorporated association, or other legal entity. See
  • State: when applied to the different parts of the United States may apply to the District of Columbia and any territory and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. See