Title 1 General Provisions
Title 2 Legislature
Title 3 Executive
Title 4 Judiciary
Title 5 Aeronautics and Surface Transportation
Title 6 Agriculture
Title 7 Alcoholic Beverages, Cannabis, and Tobacco
Title 8 Banking and Insurance
Title 9 Commerce and Trade
Title 9A Uniform Commercial Code
Title 10 Conservation and Development
Title 11 Corporations, Partnerships and Associations
Title 11A Vermont Business Corporations
Title 11B Nonprofit Corporations
Title 11C Mutual Benefit Enterprises
Title 12 Court Procedure
Title 13 Crimes and Criminal Procedure
Title 14 Decedents’ Estates and Fiduciary Relations
Title 14A Trusts
Title 15 Domestic Relations
Title 15A Adoption Act
Title 15B Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (1996)
Title 15C Parentage Proceedings
Title 16 Education
Title 17 Elections
Title 18 Health
Title 19 Highways
Title 20 Internal Security and Public Safety
Title 21 Labor
Title 22 Libraries, History, and Information Technology
Title 23 Motor Vehicles
Title 24 Municipal and County Government
Title 25 Navigation and Waters
Title 26 Professions and Occupations
Title 27 Property
Title 27A Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act (1994)
Title 28 Public Institutions and Corrections
Title 29 Public Property and Supplies
Title 30 Public Service
Title 31 Recreation and Sports
Title 32 Taxation and Finance
Title 33 Human Services