§ 137. Uniform process for foreign credential verification

(a) The Director shall adopt rules that prescribe a process for the Director to assess the equivalence of an applicant’s professional credentials earned outside the United States as compared to State licensing requirements for those professions attached to the Office that do not have laws addressing the verification and recognition of such credentials.

(b) Any determination of equivalence by the Director under this section shall be recorded in the applicant’s licensing file and shall be binding upon the relevant State board or regulatory program.

Terms Used In Vermont Statutes Title 3 Sec. 137

  • board: refers to the boards, commissions, and professions listed in section 122 of this subchapter and, in the case of disciplinary matters or denials of licensure, either an administrative law officer appointed under subsection 129(j) of this subchapter or the Director in advisor professions. See
  • Director: means the Director of the Office of Professional Regulation. See
  • License: includes any certification, registration, permit, commission, or other official authorization to undertake a regulated activity. See
  • Office: means the Office of Professional Regulation. See
  • State: when applied to the different parts of the United States may apply to the District of Columbia and any territory and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. See

(c) In administering this section, the Director may rely upon third-party credential verification services. The cost of such services shall be paid by the applicant.

(d) The provisions relating to preliminary license denials set forth in subsection 129(e) of this subchapter shall apply to a license application that is preliminarily denied for nonequivalence under this section. (Added 2019, No. 10, § 1, eff. April 30, 2019.)