Article 1 General Provisions 24-1-1c – 24-1-1d
Article 2 Powers and Duties of Public Service Commission 24-2-4b – 24-2-4a
Article 2A Reduced Rates for Low-Income Residential Customers of Electricity and Gas 24-2A-1 – 24-2A-5
Article 2B Temporary Suspension of Rate Increases 24-2B-1 – 24-2B-2
Article 2C Reduced Rates for Certain Low-Income Residential Customers of Telephone Service 24-2C-1 – 24-2C-5
Article 2D Alternative Fuel Initiatives 24-2D-1 – 24-2D-3
Article 2E Requirements for Phone Service Sales 24-2E-1 – 24-2E-2
Article 2F Alternative and Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard 24-2F-8
Article 2G Public Water Utilities Monitoring Requirements 24-2G-1 – 24-2G-2
Article 2H Power of Commission to Order Measures Up to and Including the Acquisition of Distressed and Failing Water and Wastewater Utilities 24-2H-1 – 24-2H-9
Article 3 Duties and Privileges of Public Utilities Subject to Regulations of Commission 24-3-1 – 24-3-10
Article 4 Violations of Provisions of This Chapter or Orders of Commission 24-4-1 – 24-4-8
Article 5 Review of Commission’s Action 24-5-1
Article 6 Local Emergency Telephone System 24-6-6 – 24-6-5
Article 7 Headquarters 24-7-1 – 24-7-4
Article 8 211 Information and Referral System 24-8-1 – 24-8-2