(1)    Authority to revoke. Dissolution proceedings under s. 193.905 may be revoked before the articles of dissolution are filed with the department as required under s. 193.905 (5).
   (2)   Revocation by members. The chairperson may call a members’ meeting to submit to the members the question of revoking dissolution proceedings under s. 193.905. The dissolution proceedings are revoked if the proposed revocation is approved at the members’ meeting by a majority of the votes cast or, for a cooperative with articles or bylaws requiring more than majority approval or other conditions for approval, by a sufficient vote as required under the articles or bylaws or by satisfying the other conditions for approval.
   (3)   Filing with the department. The chairperson of the board or the records officer shall file with the department a notice of revocation promptly after the revocation is approved as provided under sub. (2). The revocation is effective upon filing of the notice under this subsection.