Terms Used In Wisconsin Statutes 218.24

   (1)    Each motor vehicle salvage dealer licensed under this subchapter shall prominently display his or her salvage dealer license number on both sides of each truck or truck-tractor owned by such dealer and operated for hauling, towing or pushing salvage vehicles.
   (2)   The letters “DMV SAL” shall be placed directly ahead of the assigned license certificate number.
   (3)   The markings required by this section shall be not less than 2 inches in height and not less than one-fourth inch brush stroke, and in sharp color contrast to the background on which it is applied. Such identification shall be maintained in such manner as to remain legible while the vehicle is in operation.
   (4)   Any person violating this section may be fined not less than $25 nor more than $200 or imprisoned not more than 60 days or both.