Terms Used In Wisconsin Statutes 448.972

  • Following: when used by way of reference to any statute section, means the section next following that in which the reference is made. See Wisconsin Statutes 990.01
  • Person: includes all partnerships, associations and bodies politic or corporate. See Wisconsin Statutes 990.01
  • Physician assistant: means a person licensed as a physician assistant under subch. See Wisconsin Statutes 990.01
   (1)    Except as provided in subs. (2) and (3), no person may represent himself or herself as a “PA” or “physician assistant,” use or assume the title “PA” or “physician assistant,” or append to the person’s name the words or letters “physician assistant,” “PA,” “PA-C,” or any other titles, letters, or designation that represents or may tend to represent the person as a physician assistant, unless he or she is licensed by the board under this subchapter.
   (2)   Subsection (1) does not apply with respect to any of the following:
      (a)    An individual employed and duly credentialed as a physician assistant or physician associate by the federal government while performing duties incident to that employment, unless a license under this subchapter is required by the federal government.
      (b)    A person who satisfies the requirement under s. 448.974 (1) (a) 3. but who is not licensed under this subchapter. This paragraph does not allow such a person to practice medicine and surgery in violation of s. 448.03 (1) (a) or to practice podiatry in violation of s. 448.61.
   (3)   A student who is enrolled in an accredited physician assistant educational program may use the title “physician assistant student,” “PA student,” or “PA-S.”