Terms Used In Wisconsin Statutes 941.297

   (1)    In this section, “look-alike firearm” means any imitation of any original firearm that was manufactured, designed and produced after December 31, 1897, including and limited to toy guns, water guns, replica nonguns, and air-soft guns firing nonmetallic projectiles. “Look-alike firearm” does not include any imitation, nonfiring, collector replica of an antique firearm developed prior to 1898, or any traditional beebee, paint-ball or pellet-firing air gun that expels a projectile through the force of air pressure.
   (2)   Beginning November 1, 1992, no person may sell or distribute any look-alike firearm. Whoever violates this subsection is subject to a Class A forfeiture.
   (3)   This section does not apply to the sale or distribution of a look-alike firearm that complies with the marking or waiver requirements under 15 USC 5001 (b).