Subchapter I General 407.101 – 407.106
Subchapter II Warehouse Receipts: Special Provisions 407.201 – 407.210
Subchapter III Bills of Lading: Special Provisions 407.301 – 407.309
Subchapter IV Warehouse Receipts and Bills of Lading:general Obligations 407.401 – 407.404
Subchapter V Warehouse Receipts and Bills of Lading: Negotiation and Transfer 407.501 – 407.509
Subchapter VI Warehouse Receipts and Bills of Lading:miscellaneous Provisions 407.601 – 407.603

Terms Used In Wisconsin Statutes > Chapter 407

  • Acquire: when used in connection with a grant of power to any person, includes the acquisition by purchase, grant, gift or bequest. See Wisconsin Statutes 403.504
  • Adult: means a person who has attained the age of 18 years, except that for purposes of investigating or prosecuting a person who is alleged to have violated any state or federal criminal law or any civil law or municipal ordinance, "adult" means a person who has attained the age of 17 years. See Wisconsin Statutes 403.504
  • Bailee: means a person that by a warehouse receipt, bill of lading, or other document of title acknowledges possession of goods and contracts to deliver them. See Wisconsin Statutes 407.102
  • Carrier: means a person that issues a bill of lading. See Wisconsin Statutes 407.102
  • Consignee: means a person named in a bill of lading to which or to whose order the bill promises delivery. See Wisconsin Statutes 407.102
  • Consignor: means a person named in a bill of lading as the person from which the goods have been received for shipment. See Wisconsin Statutes 407.102
  • County board: means the county board of supervisors. See Wisconsin Statutes 403.504
  • Delivery order: means a record that contains an order to deliver goods directed to a warehouse, carrier, or other person that in the ordinary course of business issues warehouse receipts or bills of lading. See Wisconsin Statutes 407.102
  • Good faith: means honesty in fact and the observance of reasonable commercial standards of fair dealing. See Wisconsin Statutes 407.102
  • Goods: means all things that are treated as movable for the purposes of a contract for storage or transportation. See Wisconsin Statutes 407.102
  • Issuer: means a bailee that issues a document of title or, in the case of an unaccepted delivery order, the person that orders the possessor of goods to deliver. See Wisconsin Statutes 407.102
  • Record: means information that is inscribed on a tangible medium or that is stored in an electronic or other medium and is retrievable in perceivable form. See Wisconsin Statutes 407.102
  • seal: includes the word "seal" the letters "L S" and a scroll or other device intended to represent a seal, if any is affixed in the proper place for a seal, as well as an impression of a seal on the instrument. See Wisconsin Statutes 403.504
  • Shipper: means a person that enters into a contract of transportation with a carrier. See Wisconsin Statutes 407.102
  • Warehouse: means a person engaged in the business of storing goods for hire. See Wisconsin Statutes 407.102
  • Week: means 7 consecutive days. See Wisconsin Statutes 403.504