§ 12-15-1 (Subject to the satisfaction of contingencies specified in Act 98-392) Definitions
§ 12-15-1.1 Alabama Juvenile Justice Act; short title; purpose clause; goals for juvenile court
§ 12-15-2 Circuit courts and district courts to exercise original concurrent juvenile jurisdiction; maintenance of separate juvenile docket and entry of orders and decrees as to juvenile cases in separate minute book; promulgation of rules of procedure for juvenile
§ 12-15-3 Designation of juvenile judges; requirement of monthly reports by judges as to work of juvenile courts
§ 12-15-4 Advisory boards
§ 12-15-5 Exercise of authority by district attorney in juvenile proceedings generally; assistance of juvenile court by district attorney; representation of state by district attorney in cases appealed by juvenile courts
§ 12-15-6 Qualifications and appointment of referees; conduct of hearings of cases by referees; transmission of findings and recommendations for disposition of referees to judges; provision of notice and written copies of findings and recommendations of referees to
§ 12-15-7 (Subject to the satisfaction of contingencies specified in Act 98-392) Appointment, terms of office, etc., of probation officers; designation of chief probation officer, etc.; duties of probation officers generally; powers of probation officers and repres
§ 12-15-8 Appointment by courts of guardians ad litem or guardians of the person for children
§ 12-15-9 Issuance of order to parents, etc., for payment for support, treatment, etc., of children in custody of persons other than parents generally; proceedings upon failure of parents, etc., to pay amounts directed
§ 12-15-10 Liability of counties for expenses of maintenance and care of children; reimbursement
§ 12-15-10.1 Attorney fees provisions repealed
§ 12-15-11 Issuance of order to parents, etc., for payment of court costs, attorney’s fees and expenses for support, treatment, etc., of children; manner of payment, etc.; proceedings upon failure of parents, etc., to pay amounts directed
§ 12-15-11.1 Order requiring parents or guardian to assist delinquent child in complying with terms of probation; penalties; exemptions
§ 12-15-12 Punishment for contempt of court of persons disobeying orders of court, etc., generally; limitation upon powers of courts with respect to children violating terms and conditions of orders of protective supervision
§ 12-15-13 Causing, etc., of delinquency, dependency or need of supervision of children
§ 12-15-14 Disregarding, etc., of lawful order of court or interference with custody of child under jurisdiction of court
§ 12-15-15 Removal, concealment, etc., of delinquent or dependent child or child in need of supervision, etc.; interference with performance of duties by probation officer, etc
§ 12-15-30 Original jurisdiction generally – Children
§ 12-15-31 Original jurisdiction generally – Minors and adults
§ 12-15-32 Retention and termination of jurisdiction generally
§ 12-15-33 Transfer of cases to juvenile court from other courts; transfer provisions inapplicable to certain offenders
§ 12-15-34 Transfer of cases from juvenile court to criminal court
§ 12-15-34.1 Acts for which minor who has attained age 16 shall be charged, arrested, and tried as adult; removal of person from jurisdiction of juvenile court
§ 12-15-35 Venue generally
§ 12-15-36 Transfer of proceedings between juvenile courts within state
§ 12-15-50 Cases initiated by filing of petitions by intake officers
§ 12-15-51 Informal adjustment of certain cases prior to filing of petition
§ 12-15-52 Form, contents and execution of petitions
§ 12-15-53 Issuance and service of summonses generally; endorsements upon summonses; waiver of service of summonses
§ 12-15-54 Manner of service of summons
§ 12-15-55
§ 12-15-56 Taking into custody of children generally
§ 12-15-57 Issuance of order for taking into custody and bringing before court of child upon failure of parents, etc., to bring child before court upon request
§ 12-15-58 Release, delivery to detention or shelter care facility, medical facility, etc., of children taken into custody generally
§ 12-15-59 Authority and criteria for continuation of detention or shelter care of children taken into custody
§ 12-15-60 Filing of petition and conduct of hearing as to necessity for continuation of detention or shelter care
§ 12-15-61 Definitions; facilities to be used for detention or shelter care of children generally; when delinquent child, etc., may be detained in jail or other facility for detention of adults; notification of court, etc., when child received at facility for detent
§ 12-15-62 Child to be released when full-time detention or shelter care not required; conditions imposed upon release; amendment of conditions or return of child to custody upon failure to conform to conditions imposed; permanency hearing
§ 12-15-63 Notification of children, parents, guardians, etc., of right to counsel; appointment of counsel by court
§ 12-15-64 Suspension of proceedings and continuation of cases under terms and conditions agreed to by parties
§ 12-15-65 Conduct of hearings and disposition of cases generally; special procedure for possible multiple needs child; reasonable efforts
§ 12-15-66 Children charged with delinquent acts or alleged to be in need of supervision to be accorded privilege against self-incrimination; admissibility in evidence, etc., of extra judicial statements of children and evidence illegally seized or obtained; double
§ 12-15-68 Granting of continuances in cases
§ 12-15-69 Ordering and preparation of predisposition study and report concerning child, family, etc.; ordering, conduct, and certification of findings of physical or mental examination of child prior to hearing on petition generally; examination of parent or custod
§ 12-15-70 Ordering, conduct and certification of findings of mental and physical examinations of children; proceedings as to minors or children believed to be mentally ill or retarded generally; ordering of treatment or care for children found in need of medical tr
§ 12-15-71 Disposition of dependent children, delinquent children, multiple needs children, or children in need of supervision generally; evaluative role of children’s services facilitation team; placement in alternative school
§ 12-15-71.1 Serious juvenile offenders; disposition; serious juvenile offender review panel; facility and programs
§ 12-15-72 Orders of disposition, etc., not to be deemed convictions, impose civil disabilities, etc.; disposition of child and evidence in hearing not admissible in another court
§ 12-15-73 Issuance of orders restraining conduct of parties to proceedings
§ 12-15-74 Modification, extension or revocation of orders of custody, probation or protective supervision generally
§ 12-15-75 Proceedings against children violating terms of probation, aftercare or protective supervision; disposition of such children
§ 12-15-76 Procedure and dispositions in cases involving minors or adults
§ 12-15-90 Authority and procedure
§ 12-15-100 Filing and inspection of records, etc
§ 12-15-101 Maintenance and inspection of law enforcement records, etc
§ 12-15-102 Taking and disposition of fingerprints, photographs, blood samples, etc
§ 12-15-103 Proceedings for sealing and destruction of legal and social files and records of courts, probation services, etc., pertaining to certain persons and effect thereof
§ 12-15-104 Legislative intent
§ 12-15-105 Notice of delinquent acts
§ 12-15-120 Appeals from judgments, orders, etc., of juvenile courts
§ 12-15-130 Alabama Children’s Policy Council
§ 12-15-131 Alabama Children’s Policy Council Fund
§ 12-15-132 Expenses of council members who are state officers or employees
§ 12-15-133 County children’s policy councils – Generally
§ 12-15-134 Children’s policy councils – Duties
§ 12-15-135 Juvenile justice coordinating councils renamed
§ 12-15-150 Power of courts exercising juvenile jurisdiction to enter protection or restraint order; when order may be entered; purpose of order
§ 12-15-151 Requisites for order; notice and hearing; evidentiary standard; showing of necessity to protect health or safety of child, child’s best interest
§ 12-15-152 Content of order; order may set forth reasonable conditions of behavior for parents, persons responsible for care, etc.; enumeration of certain specific requirements which may be included in order
§ 12-15-153 Emergency ex parte orders authorized upon showing of verified evidence of abuse or neglect; evidence required; hearing required within 72 hours of issuance of order
§ 12-15-154 Modification, extension or termination of order after notice and hearing for person subject thereto; findings required concerning child’s best interests
§ 12-15-155 Violations of orders punished as contempt; wilful conduct rendering violator responsible for court costs and attorney fees
§ 12-15-156 Construction of article; article to be read in pari materia with certain other laws
§ 12-15-170 Creation of Executive Council of the Alabama Children’s Services Facilitation Team; membership; duties
§ 12-15-171 Children’s Services Facilitation Team established; membership; term; duties; hiring authority
§ 12-15-172 County facilitation teams established; appointments; meetings; duties
§ 12-15-173 Reimbursement available for team member expenses
§ 12-15-174 State Multiple Needs Children Fund established; use; limitations; accounting system to be maintained; provisions for yearly audit
§ 12-15-175 Council to adopt allocation guidelines; granting role of state team; eligible recipients; prerequisites to maintaining funding; penalty for noncompliance; reporting requirement
§ 12-15-176 Effect of other laws on this article; compulsory school age attendance statute to remain in full force and effect