§ 671.100 What is the purpose of national emergency grants under WIA section 173?
§ 671.105 What funds are available for national emergency grants?
§ 671.110 What are major economic dislocations or other events which may qualify for a national emergency grant?
§ 671.120 Who is eligible to apply for national emergency grants?
§ 671.125 What are the requirements for submitting applications for national emergency grants?
§ 671.130 When should applications for national emergency grants be submitted to the Department?
§ 671.140 What are the allowable activities and what dislocated workers may be served under national emergency grants?
§ 671.150 How do statutory and workflex waivers apply to national emergency grants?
§ 671.160 What rapid response activities are required before a national emergency grant application is submitted?
§ 671.170 What are the program and administrative requirements that apply to national emergency grants?

Terms Used In 20 CFR Part 671 - National Emergency Grants for Dislocated Workers

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