Part 706 Security Policies and Practices Relating to Labor-Management Relations
Part 707 Workplace Substance Abuse Programs at DOE Sites
Part 708 DOE Contractor Employee Protection Program
Part 709 Counterintelligence Evaluation Program
Part 710 Procedures for Determining Eligibility for Access to Classified Matter and Special Nuclear Material
Part 712 Human Reliability Program
Part 715 Definition of Nonrecourse Project-Financed
Part 719 Contractor Legal Management Requirements
Part 725 Permits for Access to Restricted Data
Part 727 Consent for Access to Information on Department of Energy Computers
Part 733 Allegations of Research Misconduct
Part 745 Protection of Human Subjects
Part 760 Domestic Uranium Program
Part 765 Reimbursement for Costs of Remedial Action at Active Uranium and Thorium Processing Sites
Part 766 Uranium Enrichment Decontamination and Decommissioning Fund; Procedures for Special Assessment of Domestic Utilities
Part 770 Transfer of Real Property at Defense Nuclear Facilities for Economic Development
Part 780 Patent Compensation Board Regulations
Part 781 DOE Patent Licensing Regulations
Part 782 Claims for Patent and Copyright Infringement
Part 783 Waiver of Patent Rights
Part 784 Patent Waiver Regulation
Part 800 Loans for Bid or Proposal Preparation by Minority Business Enterprises Seeking DOE Contracts and Assistance
Part 810 Assistance to Foreign Atomic Energy Activities
Part 820 Procedural Rules for DOE Nuclear Activities
Part 824 Procedural Rules for the Assessment of Civil Penalties for Classified Information Security Violations
Part 830 Nuclear Safety Management
Part 835 Occupational Radiation Protection
Part 840 Extraordinary Nuclear Occurrences
Part 850 Chronic Beryllium Disease Prevention Program
Part 851 Worker Safety and Health Program
Part 860 Trespassing on Department of Energy Property
Part 861 Control of Traffic at Nevada Test Site
Part 862 Restrictions on Aircraft Landing and Air Delivery at Department of Energy Nuclear Sites
Part 871 Air Transportation of Plutonium
Part 900 Coordination of Federal Authorizations for Electric Transmission Facilities
Part 903 Power and Transmission Rates
Part 904 General Regulations for the Charges for the Sale of Power from the Boulder Canyon Project
Part 905 Energy Planning and Management Program
Part 950 Standby Support for Certain Nuclear Plant Delays
Part 955 Fee for Long-Term Management and Storage of Elemental Mercury Under the Mercury Export Ban Act of 2008, as Amended
Part 960 General Guidelines for the Preliminary Screening of Potential Sites for a Nuclear Waste Repository
Part 961 Standard Contract for Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel and/or High-Level Radioactive Waste
Part 962 Byproduct Material
Part 963 Yucca Mountain Site Suitability Guidelines