§ 1016.4 Initial privacy notice to consumers required
§ 1016.5 Annual privacy notice to customers required
§ 1016.6 Information to be included in privacy notices
§ 1016.7 Form of opt out notice to consumers; opt out methods
§ 1016.8 Revised privacy notices
§ 1016.9 Delivering privacy and opt out notices

Terms Used In CFR > Title 12 > Chapter X > Part 1016 > Subpart A

  • Act: means the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 (43 U. See 43 CFR 2710.0-5
  • Authorized officer: means any employee of the Bureau of Land Management who has been delegated the authority to perform the duties described in this part. See 43 CFR 2710.0-5
  • Known mineral values: means mineral rights in lands containing geologic formations that are valuable in the monetary sense for exploring, developing, or producing natural mineral deposits. See 43 CFR 2720.0-5
  • Public lands: means any lands and interest in lands owned by the United States and administered by the Secretary through the Bureau of Land Management except:

    (1) Lands located on the Outer Continental Shelf. See 43 CFR 2710.0-5

  • Secretary: means the Secretary of the Interior. See 43 CFR 2710.0-5