Chapter III Department of Health and Human Services
Chapter IV Department of Agriculture
Chapter VI Department of State
Chapter VII Agency for International Development
Chapter VIII Department of Veterans Affairs
Chapter IX Department of Energy
Chapter X Department of Treasury
Chapter XI Department of Defense
Chapter XII Department of Transportation
Chapter XIII Department of Commerce
Chapter XIV Department of the Interior
Chapter XV Environmental Protection Agency
Chapter XVIII National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Chapter XX United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Chapter XXII Corporation for National and Community Service
Chapter XXIII Social Security Administration
Chapter XXIV Department of Housing and Urban Development
Chapter XXV National Science Foundation
Chapter XXVI National Archives and Records Administration
Chapter XXVII Small Business Administration
Chapter XXVIII Department of Justice
Chapter XXIX Department of Labor
Chapter XXX Department of Homeland Security
Chapter XXXI Institute of Museum and Library Services
Chapter XXXII National Endowment for the Arts
Chapter XXXIII National Endowment for the Humanities
Chapter XXXIV Department of Education
Chapter XXXV Export-Import Bank of the United States
Chapter XXXVI Office of National Drug Control Policy, Executive Office of the President
Chapter XXXVII Peace Corps
Chapter LVIII Election Assistance Commission
Chapter LIX Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council