Part 900 Scope of Standards
Part 901 Standards for the Administrative Collection of Claims
Part 902 Standards for the Compromise of Claims
Part 903 Standards for Suspending or Terminating Collection Activity
Part 904 Referrals to the Department of Justice

Terms Used In CFR > Title 31 > Subtitle B > Chapter IX

  • Agricultural Marketing Service: means the Agricultural Marketing Service, United States Department of Agriculture. See 7 CFR 201.2
  • Market prices: means current prices that are established in the course of ordinary trade between buyers and sellers free to bargain and that can be substantiated through competition or from sources independent of the offerors. See 48 CFR 215.401
  • Relevant sales data: means information provided by an offeror of sales of the same or similar items that can be used to establish price reasonableness taking into consideration the age, volume, and nature of the transactions (including any related discounts, refunds, rebates, offsets, or other adjustments). See 48 CFR 215.401
  • vegetable seeds: means the seeds of the following kinds that are or may be grown in gardens or on truck farms and are or may be generally known and sold under the name of vegetable seeds:

    Artichoke--Cynara cardunculus L. See 7 CFR 201.2

  • you: when used in this subpart, refers to the State agency for surplus property (SASP). See 41 CFR 102-37.375